The Dream Woman of a Cheater 3

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After the fall, Mike rest for a while. He begins to feel relaxed and felt his wounds were instantly healed. He noticed that the place was totally transformed. The place is now very pleasant unlike a while that was so haunting.

He get up and walked a little. He noticed someone looking at him hiding in the leaves.

Mike:"Huh? Show yourself."

He heard a cute laugh of a woman. And he recognised the voice right away.

Unknown: "Hahahaha. Why so nervous."
Mike: "K-Kassandra is that you."
Kassandra: "Mike? Oh. I thought it was someone else. What are you doing here?

Mike: "I fell."
Kassandra: "Fell what?"
Mike: "In love. Oh, sorry I mean I fell from the trees."
Kassandra: "Huh? That's weird."

Mike sensed a strange feeling. He would not say "In love." But he felt someone controlled his tongue to say it.

Mike: "So what on Earth are you doing here in the middle of the night, Kass?"
Kassandra: "I live here."
Mike: "Oh, really. This place looks so pleasant. Anyway, how about the monster? I..."
Kassandra: "WHAT? What monster? Hahaha. You're going crazy Mike.
Mike: "No. I... I..."

Mike's memory about the past is slowly vanishing.

Kassandra: "What?"
Mike: "I... I forgot what I'm saying."

Kassandra: "You know what? Maybe you're just starving. Come on and let's have dinner."

Mike starts to wonder what is happening but his memory is vanishing. He looked back from where he fell and wondered why it changed. He shake his head a little and then walked with Kassandra.

Mike: "Oh.. okay let's eat."

They walked in the entrance of the city and Mike was totally amazed by the beauty of the place.

Mike: "My gosh! I didn't even know there's a place like this. I never saw this in the map. It's so wonderful!"

Kassandra: "You're in the wonderland, Mike."

Mike smiled and agreed.

Mike: "Yes. I'm in the wonderland together with a wonder woman."
Kassandra: "hahahaha. I agree with you Mike. I like you."
Mike: "Mike smiled."

Kassandra hold Mike's hand and they entered the wonderful city.

To be continued...

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